500 sq. ft.
Wood floor, white plywood/natural pine walls, divider wall at one end, high ceiling, 110v electricity, no water. Use: Painting studio or interior installation space.


Lone Pine (West)
400 sq. feet..
Lone Pine Studio is 800 square feet, divided into two 400 sq. ft. studios), wood and brick floors, wired for 110v and 220v electricity, water via garden hose from outside hydrant. Both have plywood walls. Use: Generally for painters or as a base for those doing environmental projects.

  District 62
575 sq. feet..
An 1873 one room rural schoolhouse, once known officially as District 62 and has 18 x 32 feet of interior space, 9-foot high sheetrock walls and a wood floor. It is wired for 110v and 220v electricity and has water and a sink..
  Pig Pottery
700 sq. ft.
Formerly a hog barn, destined to be a ceramic studio, (one third currently stored ceramic materials), concrete floor, 110v electricity, water, one finished wall, low ceiling, doors at east and west of building. Outside: South—10’ x 40’ concrete platform with gas kiln 28”D x 36”W x 48”H internal dimensions (24 cu. ft.); North—grassy shaded area for outdoor working. This is a multi-purpose studio.
Hay Loft Studio
750 sq. ft.
The Hay Loft studio is a heated live/work studio, wood floor, one 12’ x 32’ white wall, 14’ high ceiling, 110v and 220v electricity, furnished
kitchen and bathroom. Its primary use is for painting, photography, fibers studio, or interior installation space. There are also three private bedrooms on the same floor level making it adaptive for communal living.

Variable acreage
Depending on the time of the year, there is from 15 acres (summer) to 60 acres (fall) open for use to create environmental sculpture, interactive performances, permanent sculpture, or temporary installations. Equipment is available for transporting materials.

Not all the studios are not completely winterised, therefore suitable for warmer months only.
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