2024 Artist Residency Online Application Form

February 1, 2024

To apply for an 2024 Art Farm artist residency in between June 1 and November 1

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There is a $22.00 application fee, (in US dollars) payable to Art Farm as cash, check, or PayPal.

If you have questions or problems with this form send an email to,

Applying as a collaborative team: If you intend to do only collaborative projects, apply by one application with both names and samples of your past collaborative projects. If you intend to mix personal projects with collaborative projects, apply individually.

When we receive your application in full, (application form, samples/cv, fee) we will send you an acknowledgement of receipt within a day or two. If your payment is by check or cash, the period may be a week or more, depending on when or from where you mail. All other contact will be by e-mail in the future. Be sure the email address you give is functioning and is one that you check regularly

General Info

Parents Families

Fill this section if your spouse or partner will join you during your residency. Art Farm supports parents and families, offering studio and living space consisting of kitchen, bath, sitting and dining, private bedrooms


Fill this section only if you are applying as collaborators.
To insure that accommodations are adequate, please fill in the fields pertaining to your collaborative group..Feel free to ask if clairification is needed

About Your residency




Work Samples and CVs

Visual and performing artists, designers, and architects, etc.
Literary, Playwright, Composer, and Musician

List of images

Image Portfolio Urls

Video, Music, etc


If your curriculum vitae or résumé has special formatting that you wish to preserve, send it as an email attachment along with your image files in a Docx or PDF format. You may also provide a link if it is on a website.


Be sure the e-mail accounts you give for your references are functioning

Reference 1 (Professional)

Reference 2 (Professional)

Reference 3 (Personal)


Residency Dates

Indicate your preferred dates of residency and then an alternative set of dates between

June 1 and November 1.

Application Fee